Rostock update 0.2.16

January 1st, 2011   Filed Under Wrk  

After having some problems with a clean install of facs, some improvements were done on the code.

There is a check now that looks for the first time use of the program.  Also the Start New screen (from the File/Start New menu) has a better field sequence (i.e. for using the tab key to go from field to field)

Quick Start: in the Help? menu, an item is added “Quick Start”; that gives you the fast way to start to use the program, in case you are not online and cannot reach the wiki.

From the changes file: [More…]

Missing series of invoices; new invoice number is?

April 12th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

When lagging behind with the input, you might end up in a situation where you are (someone is) working on the input of recent invoices, and at the same time (someone) trying to complete the missing invoices of the past.
When starting the program, the new highest invoice number plus one is not what you need. You want to find the place where an invoice is missing. Give the program a hand, select the invoice where you want to somewhere start from, and Facs looks for the next missing invoice serial number.

Working on that now. From the invoice you select, we need to create the counter value:
invSn2number will give that, taking into account the settings for the invoice prefix.

Sample data: bakery

April 6th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

Tried to make some kind of universal sample to test the program.

Sample 1: anonymous

Suppliers: Supplier A, Supplier B, Supplier C, ..
Invoices numbers from 1 to …, amounts random
Costcodes: cc1, cc2, cc3, cc4, cc5, …

20080923: Have an idea now: let’s make a bakery. This seems universal enough for everyone to understand, as it is a kind of “production” process. Excuses to real bakery-managers, lots of the sample may be nonsense to them.

I started a new database with the name “bakery” to fill with sample data. [More…]

Edit Inv calendar, FMain enter/return, Freports

February 10th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

- FEditInvoice, calendarview button makes calendar bigger/smaller.
- FMain: added keyboard “enter” and “return” reaction for selected “book” and “assign” buttons.
- FReports bigger log window
- FReports: Assigned cost on CostCode (invoice of year/month)

SF upload 0.2.11

Bug fix release 0.2.10: crash bCostcodeOk in 0.2.9

February 5th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

Very sorry 0.2.9 problem was more than just Ubuntu/Gnome problem.  Crash fixed on KDE!  Do NOT use 0.2.9.

Problem with Ubuntu 9.10 / Gnome + Gambas 2

February 5th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

There is a problem with Ubuntu 9.10 / Gnome and Gambas 2.x (at least 2.13); the interface does not react any more on “leaving a field”, and your FACS application will crash.

You will notice that the date is missing on invoice input, and it is impossible to do an assignment (crash).

Not sure yet whether it is Ubuntu, Gnome, or this Gambas build problem.

Update: see bug fix in Facs + this post on the Gambas site: 18 Nov 2009 - Release of Gambas 2.18

“Native windows are now disabled with GTK+ 2.18, so that the GTK+ component works correctly on recent distributions (Ubuntu 9.10, Mandriva 2010.0, and so on).”

menu options extended interface, assignment interface fixed

January 20th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

- FMain: fix option in menu to fit real state of extended interface and assignment interface
- FConfigure: option box instead of string in configuration choices with yes/no
- FAbout button “More..” (instead of Todo)
- small adjustments to Dutch translation

upl 0.2.9

delete day report, tooltip . button, last costcode list updates

October 23rd, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

upl 0.2.8

Happy programmers day!

September 13th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

Happy 1111 1111 day of the year!

Hope other countries follow.

facs wiki is gone

August 30th, 2009   Filed Under Problem-Probleem, Wrk  

The wiki pages on SourceForge have disappeared; SourceForge removed the existing wiki from the SF site.
We will try to get the data migrated to the newly available “MediaWiki” on the SF site.

In the mean time we have still the minimal install instructions here.

Very sorry the time failed to react sooner on the SF warnings. Hang on…