config, report directory, language field -1:30

February 11th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • config, general, language: button to empty field (with 0 like main screen); other button (with .) sets to default en_US
  • config, general, report: button to set to default (user directory with tilde ~)
  • language choice : more explanation about not-installed system language (facs language requiers it)

Upl. v 0.1.7

Create new: feedback, button dis/enable, db user/pw correction

February 3rd, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • corrected database user rights grant
  • Create new facs: feedback changed to listbox to scroll back
  • Better feedback after some steps
  • DB user Password only auto-created if asked, with button, to avoid creating a never-seen password
  • DB user Password is shown till confirmed
  • enable/disable of buttons improved.

Upl. v 0.1.6

Reports feedback, start new, create user- correction

February 2nd, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • - FReport report feedback “log” window lsbxLog created
  • - adjusted menu reports to output feedback to lsbxSysLog
  • - MReport: reports return result T/F: all
  • - FReport adjusted reports: all
  • - bug FMain Invoices Year title corrected
  • - MReport: delete all counts deleted and returns as integer
  • - FMain: delete all reports number deleted in Log
  • - FReport: delete all reports number deleted in Log
  • - FReport: detele all these number deleted in Log
  • - FMain: cleanup of txlb; inititalize with “”
  • - File, Start New: removed first user creation (double)

Upl. v 0.1.5