language setting at startup

September 30th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • changed language setting at startup read from settings file, with message if none set.
  • Changed startup order: modStart as start class, checks language, starts FMain.
  • bugs forgotten field properties fixed
  • updated Dutch translation

Upl. v 0.0.67

Language conf, settings changes, FMain layout adjusted

September 30th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Language added to configuration, General + modcommon + save
  • Still looking how to use it. Read at start, if not empty set to this language, else use system language. To have choosen language in forms have to start from modStart and only afterwards open first window FMain?
  • Settings, Invoice/BookYear seems not (yet) to be used: commented out. Now year is composed from date. Maybe later as preset for input of previous bookyear?
  • Configuration settings: use / save separated: use is active now, save is next time active: both are needed.
  • metadata on screen adjusted, cre/upd in tooltip, record id’s in italics re-arranged
  • selected assignment data out of assing frame (is now like selected invoice)
  • corrected assign amounts (to assign) after invoice selection of edited invoice
  • clear assignment remark when new invoice is booked (instead of allways leave last remark - might be usefull when assigning more costs from one invoice)

Upl. v 0.0.66

calculate in invoice amount, settings, assign order

September 26th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Added calculator (+/-) integrated in invoice amount field
  • Corrected storage/retrieval of settings for interface (complex, assign on)
  • Corrected assignment order when more than 1 amount.

Upl. v 0.0.651

deleting assignment, invoice, screen formatting, sequence

September 24th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  

- testing
- sequence changes in assignment screen left to right
- empty assignment line corrections
- delete assignment line
- show invoice selection in assignment screen
- changed data order in invoices list to make user readable
- changed data order in selected invoice to make user readable
- changed non-user data to italic in selected invoice
- make empty and delete assignment works
- make empty and delete invoice if no assignment left works

Upl 0.0.65

AddLog, translation

September 23rd, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  

- AddLog corrections
- Adjust buttons to (longer) translations
- Competed Dutch translation (fields in Invoice Edit with () to make translatable)

Upl 0.0.64

assignment: empty line, delete ..

September 23rd, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • FMain, added empty assignment line button + code
  • FMain, added delete assignment line button

Upl. v 0.0.63

lsbxAssignment update, AddLog, ..

September 22nd, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • lsbxAssignment update after adding a record
  • Changed assignment feedback to lsbxlstInv instead of log
  • Fmain, AddLog function
  • Added FMain.addLog in FMain, FEditAssignment, FEditCostcode,
    FEditInvoice, FEditSupplier, FSupplier
  • - removed FCostplace (double; is now FCostcode)

Upl. v 0.0.

translation, testing, supplier import

September 17th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • adjusted some dutch translations - not tested
  • input testing
  • supplier import - corrections error reaction

Upl. v 0.0.60

Dutch translation, dd, status

September 16th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Dutch tranlation completed (up to now)
  • site: DD Dutch
  • site: status update

  • Nederlandse vertaling aangevuld.

Upl. v 0.0.59

select assignment, edit assignment

September 15th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • assignment screen, added display id+text for selected assignment
  • edit assignment, screen to object
  • edit assignment, save changed assignment
  • changed Main ScreenToCostObject to ScreenToCostObjectSave

Upl. v 0.0.58