Invoice remark always copied to new bug fix

July 29th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Invoice remark now reset after saving an invoice from “edit” (FEditInvoice) window.
  • Upd SF

Upl. v 0.2.6

Invoice Some value data pollution bug, screen field order, sql

July 28th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Corrected “10″-bug (!*) (invoice somevalue allways stored 10 at invoice creation). Yes indeed stored 10 instead of &10 what stands for a variable with the value of the 10th parameter. Data pollution!
  • Screen “tab” order in FEditInvoice for field SomeValue
  • Screen “tab” order in FMain for field SomeValue
  • corrected facstables.sql that makes initial database
  • Released 0.2.5 code on SF

! * Check your data - you can edit the invoice by selecting it in the list, choose the edit butten right next to the invoice data, save it again.


Upl. v 0.2.5

Extra number field for invoice

July 22nd, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • TABLE CHANGE!! from 0.2.4 on
  • - inv DATABASE CHANGE: added inv_number(20) bigint for numbers/counters etc in vlbxSomeValue
    ALTER TABLE `inv` ADD `inv_number` BIGINT NOT NULL AFTER `inv_remark` ;
  • - ClsInvoice iSomeVal
  • - MData changeInvoice and addInvoice
  • - FMain field and code
  • - FEditInvoice field and code

Upl. v 0.2.4

Invoice amount calculation

July 16th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • - Supplier selection: show external id in tooltip of sup description
  • - Invoice amount: “memory clear” button to clear M, button enables when memory value filled
  • - Invoice amount: “clear” button to clear invoice amount (not memory)
  • - Tooltip about sum/subtract in Invoice amount title

Upl. v 0.2.3

Save supplier with similar name, feedback

July 10th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • save new supplier: added feedback
  • save new supplier: adjusted screen order

Upl. v 0.2.1

  • - similar supplier name: save anyway works now
  • - after crash + dataconnection restore, find last invoice nr after connect

Upl. v 0.2.2