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This project was started to replace an existing application in Foxpro 2.6 running on Windows98 (data in files on NT server, program in proprietary IDE)

Target: desktop RAD on Linux: Gambas (v2.x), inexpensive database on server (MySql on Linux).
Task: monitoring of the cost of units in a production company.

Most costs come in as invoice.

The invoice can contain costs for separate units in the company;
like departments, products or product lines, .. (costcenter).
Pro costcenter we need the totals:

Registration can go further; next to the costcenter, there is the kind of cost: resources, raw material, etc.

fi: production line 1 :
- products (raw material) and resources, investments, employee cost, other.

For the investments, we want to spread the cost over several years: every year same or other amount of total.

Afterwards we want answers on these questions:
- what is the total cost of the incoming invoices past year?
- what is the total cost of the running year until now
, pro department / costcenter?
- what is the cost of investments that are shifted forward to next year/years?

For the moment we don’t look at other costs that do not come on invoice, like financial costs, taxes, etc,
so results of these invoice data has to be integrated in the bigger picture in the company.

(images: wig, OOo, KSnapshot)