Development currently on and thanks to SourceForge.
Released code (starting from version 0.0.97 on), see SourceForge for current release.
Development: Recent changes: see blog and …
Dev Snapshot: see snapshot Download
Read here (on sourceforge wiki) How to use the program.
Report bugs by e-mail or via Sourceforge tracker bug report

Works now:

- store extra number as value with invoice (eg counter state of gas, electricity, car or number of pieces to count): can be used just to remember the number or from external programs to count, compare etc. No current use in facs.
- make database user for connection to database and grant rights using database admin account from within the facs application in File, Start New (before: external mysql, phpMyAdmin) (20090120)
- make reports of invoices, costs, costcode totals - printable as html files, can be imported in OOo Calc (20090110)
- after install create database and tables from inside the application (before: external) (20081217)
- add a costplace via menu, new, costplace, checks whether costplace already exists (20080531)
- add a supplier via menu, new, supplier (20080531)
- add an invoice by choosing supplier, fill amount and value. (20080813)
- invoice gets next serial number, starting from choosen beginvalue. (20080813)
- assign the amount of the invoict to a costplace (20080813)
- if only partly assigned, rest amount waits for next assignment (20080813)
- prepared import of suppliers (can be used-modify parts as needed) (20080813)
- divide the amount of the invoice over several years. (20080916)
- edit assignment (20080916)

TODO - help welcome
- see docu, tracker feature requests and blog

- more reports to come

- input and storage to db: works (in use now), (+ testing dev version.)

- import: partly: suppliers (in user now), (+ testing dev version.)

- control procedures: not yet.

- other handling of data: not yet.

- output, reports: testing dev version. (Basic reports work now, in use)

- output, export: nothing yet (maybe someone could make OOo output?)
(but of course data is reacheable via MySQL statements and phpMyAdmin etc.


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