30/12: gpl, mailto, reports invoice Open, -Empty

December 30th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Fgpl added with GPL license reachable via About menu
  • About menu, copyleft logo and mailto added under wig
  • Adjusted icon of FMain
  • Report: added Open invoices year / Year + month (not yet assigned to costcode)
  • Report: added Empty invoices year / Year + month (bookamount = 0)

Upl. v 0.0.93

Reports menu, remove all, Translations DE NL

December 29th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Menu for reports with main reports + delete all + more
  • Code in MReport to delete reports
  • Reports: Costcode year + month added.
  • Dutch translation: 100% done at 526 strings
  • German translation: 63% done at 526 strings

Upl. v 0.0.92

MReport: removeFile, removeReport, makeReportName, buttons, …

December 28th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • MReport: removeFile
  • MReport: removeReport
  • MReport: makeReportName
  • FReport: button to set month to 0 (=no month, only year)
  • FReport: delete buttons each report
  • FReport: button to delete all reports
  • outline numbers to the right, outline totals to the right
  • MReport adjustments, corrections

Upl. v 0.0.91

Report Cost, Translations

December 27th, 2008   Filed Under Taal:NL, Wrk  


  • Report cost year total
  • German translation : 49%->61 % (thanks to T.Erver)
  • Directory for Reports configured in Settings Configuration, General, gets created

Invoices and cost year, year + month, Deutsch

December 25th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Invoices cost details year
  • invoices cost details year + month
  • invoices year total
  • German translation : 11%->49 % (thanks to S.Erver)

FReport, MReport

December 24th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • FReport (still hidden - menu entry to make)
  • button, title for first report
  • MReport with general code for hml output to file: header, footer, table head, table foot, tableline
  • First report code for invoices + costs report
  • German translation started
  • Dutch translation 516 strings: from 75% ok to 99 % ok.

Upl. v 0.0.91

Length of last-used lists

December 18th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  

Upl. v 0.0.90

Create database from within facs, bug fixes

December 17th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • FStartNew: Choose name for database, create it from within facs, let facs create the nescessary tables.
  • Created database also as default for opening - no
  • Save created as separate setting
  • btBookInvoice : put code in IF hReady2Book.isBookReady() THEN part :
    txbxDescription.BackColor = Color.LightBackground
    MCommon.shiftDown(resSupplier!sup_name, lsbxLstSupplier)
  • - bugs corrected: crash when no db connection and pogram started and some buttons/lists clicked

Upl. v 0.0.89

Setup “facs file” in FStartnew

December 1st, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  

Upl. v 0.0.88