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Tried to make some kind of universal sample to test the program.

Sample 1: anonymous

Suppliers: Supplier A, Supplier B, Supplier C, ..
Invoices numbers from 1 to …, amounts random
Costcodes: cc1, cc2, cc3, cc4, cc5, …

20080923: Have an idea now: let’s make a bakery. This seems universal enough for everyone to understand, as it is a kind of “production” process. Excuses to real bakery-managers, lots of the sample may be nonsense to them.

I started a new database with the name “bakery” to fill with sample data.

copied the structure of an existing rubbish-sample database to “bakery” with phpMyAdmin, used utf8-unicode ci, gave all rights for user of the facs application.

Suppose manager wants to get a view on the cost to make bread-products, pastry products, the sales of external products, and the new variety of “light” products.

costcodes can be:
bread (bread products)
pastry (pies tarts, croissant…)
light (special light products)
distribute (sales of external products)

general costcodes collect further:
genElectr (electricity)
genGas (heating gas)
office (administration costs)
services (bookkeeper, etc)
other (don’t know yet)

shop (for the cost of selling all products)

Invoices come from the delivery of products like: flour(s), yeast, milk, sugar, salt, butter, oil, beans, fruit, eggs,
packing cardboard boxes and paper bags
also from suppliers of energy, water, telephone etc
Services like bookkeeper/accountant, cleaning, publicity/marketing

Machines needed for baking (oven), cooling, kneading, …, machine repairs, maintenance contract
Car leasing, car tax, petrol station, car park, car repairs
Some administration things: fax/copier, pc, Water Cooler, coffee, post, magazine subscriptions,

Social security, medical care, defined benefit plan, insurances (machines, building, car, employees/accidents), lawyer

And the shop has its own costs (how much does it cost to sell actually the products? Should I open a second selling point? etc)

(now available - see Download)


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