Translation, Dutch completed

January 31st, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Dutch translation completed to 100% again

  • Nederlandse vertaling aangevuld tot 100%.

Upl. v 0.0.14

Create new facs improvements

January 28th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Create new facs: sequence of steps: button disable-enable policy
  • better feedback in log underneath: gives hint for next step
  • Fixed startup value of invoice serial number by looking for highest number + 1 button.

Upl. v 0.0.13

LAST_INSERTED_ID, invoice save code cleanup and SUB’s

January 24th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

- “retrieve invoice id” after “create” replaced by LAST_INSERTED_ID method. (thanks WDL)
- clean up code after saving invoice; sub for :

Upl 1.1.2

Report costcode totals fix, invoice id fix, simplefacs.sql

January 21st, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

Upl. v 0.1.1

start from zero: make new database, tables and user

January 20th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Order of creating the facs-file is better indicated by enabled/disabled buttons
  • Now also grant the rights (sql privileges) to the user from within the facs application in File, New
  • Adjust auto numbering for start with empty facs
  • Adjusted auto increment to 1 in sql file

Upl. v 0.1.0

max records LIMIT, check on database closed last time, create user

January 19th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

Upl. v 0.0.99

Fgpl, FTodo TextArea, invoice SN prefix bug

January 16th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Fgpl: TextEdit replaced by TextArea1
  • FTodo: Todo / About: TextEdit replaced by TextArea1
  • FChanges: TextEdit replaced by TextArea1
  • tried to fix invoice SN prefix bug

Upl. v 0.0.98


January 11th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  

This night, completing the documentation on the sourceforge wiki, I found a friend that was, just as me, active at night. I took a picture to keep him as friend, as mascotte for the facs.

Upl v 0.0.97

Help menu Todo, Changes, ReadMe

January 9th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • MnuHelp: Licence, Changes, Todo (readme) Added.
  • FChanges added
  • Ftodo gets text of readme now.
  • Old todo is removed
  • file facs_ReadMe.txt added
  • file facs_Changes.txt added

Upl. v 0.0.96

Report SQL bug corrections, screen finetuning

January 7th, 2009   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Reports bugs corrected.
  • Reports, width of month corrected
  • About, adjusted size of fields to proper show all text

Upl. v 0.0.95