Edit Inv calendar, FMain enter/return, Freports

February 10th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

- FEditInvoice, calendarview button makes calendar bigger/smaller.
- FMain: added keyboard “enter” and “return” reaction for selected “book” and “assign” buttons.
- FReports bigger log window
- FReports: Assigned cost on CostCode (invoice of year/month)

SF upload 0.2.11

Bug fix release 0.2.10: crash bCostcodeOk in 0.2.9

February 5th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

Very sorry 0.2.9 problem was more than just Ubuntu/Gnome problem.  Crash fixed on KDE!  Do NOT use 0.2.9.

Problem with Ubuntu 9.10 / Gnome + Gambas 2

February 5th, 2010   Filed Under Wrk  

There is a problem with Ubuntu 9.10 / Gnome and Gambas 2.x (at least 2.13); the interface does not react any more on “leaving a field”, and your FACS application will crash.

You will notice that the date is missing on invoice input, and it is impossible to do an assignment (crash).

Not sure yet whether it is Ubuntu, Gnome, or this Gambas build problem.

Update: see bug fix in Facs + this post on the Gambas site: 18 Nov 2009 - Release of Gambas 2.18

“Native windows are now disabled with GTK+ 2.18, so that the GTK+ component works correctly on recent distributions (Ubuntu 9.10, Mandriva 2010.0, and so on).”