facs wiki is gone

August 30th, 2009   Filed Under Problem-Probleem, Wrk  

The wiki pages on SourceForge have disappeared; SourceForge removed the existing wiki from the SF site.
We will try to get the data migrated to the newly available “MediaWiki” on the SF site.

In the mean time we have still the minimal install instructions here.

Very sorry the time failed to react sooner on the SF warnings. Hang on…

decimal 10.4 instead of float 10.4

August 11th, 2008   Filed Under Problem-Probleem, Wrk  


  • could not select a record on the amount of this field, mysql doesn’t give the same value back as was input.
  • so changed field ixc_amount in ixc from float 10,4 to decimal 10,4: now selection works.
  • change from float 10,4 to double 10,4 should work as well … - which is better?