next document, zero/delete if possible

June 30th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • button search next document nr
  • zero/delete invoice: buttons active/inactive
  • refresh invoice list after zero/delete invoice
  • redo the objects input order

Upl. v 0.0.20

Hierarchy - screen objects order at input

June 30th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  

I already ordered part of the screen to make data input as efficient as possible.

Very uncomfortable when the order has changed just because I added another button on the screen.

I just take a snapshot as documentation to find back the original order.


Set invoice to 0, delete, escaping ‘

June 27th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Delete invoice in 2 stages:
    • Set amount of invoice to 0 if invoice is not used in cost assignments
    • Delete invoice if amount is zero (and not used in cost assignments)
  • Changed positioning of cost assignments boxes (use positions of box to overlay)
  • Discovered the ‘ bug; i.e. this sign in the comment field of invoice.

Upl v 0.0.19

Different screens / resolution

June 26th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • lsbxAssignments problem - location in window different on other pc

assignment lsbx prob, load inv prob

June 25th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • test run on Mandriva Spring 2008.1, Ubuntu
  • problem with screen layout on other machines (distro/Gambas subversion)
  • problem with load invoices after db change

clear-, Import suppliers, windowgrow

June 24th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • import doesn’t work; set production to true
  • noxqsconnect name change to externalConnect
  • use configuration file for import suppliers connection data
  • use configuration file for sql used for supplier import
  • clear database, suppliers code added
  • import with notification of number of new suppliers
  • change growing of log window to doubleclick
  • grow invoices list on doubleclick

upl 0.0.18

calc choice, import supplier problem dataconnection

June 23rd, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • calculator choice xcalc, kcalc, in tab general settings
  • error import suppliers bug
  • import suppliers: dataconnection- use settings in config “import” tab
  • make connection with TRY and use return boolean, give error message

upl 0.0.17

suppl selection, date today selection

June 22nd, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • fixed date today selection
  • fixed no supplier selection
  • found no supplier selection bug
  • check for double invoice docseq implemented

upl 0.0.16

moving lsbx, invalid object, today-button

June 21st, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • bug moving lsbx invoices when switching assign on
  • invalid object fixed
  • feature req, bug fixes
  • button “today” next to calender
  • adjusted dimension+position of assignments listbox as wel

Other notes from about same day under title:

cmbxAllsupplier_Lostfocus null pointer crash

  • noticed crash error cmbxAllsupplier_Lostfocus
  • do nothing when no cmbx items fixed bug 1999419.

upl v 0.0.15

Solve bugs, change location of costpl, assigned list

June 20th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • bug 1997239 textlabel problem solved
  • changed location of assigned list and costplace combo
  • cmbxAllSuppliers problem: double registration in last list: not fixed yet!
  • feature/bug list cleanup

Upl v. 0.0.14