Invoice edit deletes date fix

August 18th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • date bug / error fixed in Invoice Edit (txbxDate.Text= $hInvoice.sInvDate)
  • bug list cleanup
  • todo: new costplace : check existing non-”valid”
  • todo: load costplaces: check op “valid” field
  • after assign and amount left=0 focus supplier selection

Upl. v 0.0.41

fTotalAssigned, assigned reset, InsertTop

August 14th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • defined constant to add in lists on top instead of 0: InsertTop = 0
  • todo: tooltip last used invoices list underneath, mention CN, help: CN option sets negative numbers, negative amounts without “CN” only for own corrections (?)
  • fTotalAssigned (session)
  • tooltips, assigned reset if amount left=0

Upl. v 0.0.40

screen corrections, Assign on ready, sup description

August 13th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • Supplier selection copies description to invoice description if empty
  • changed txbxRemark to Description (was for description field)
  • corrected tooltips ixc fields
  • changed empty invoice sign to “-” (different function als empty list)
  • Assign is blocked; extended ready to assign: costplace, other
  • Data entry testing; edit invoice (amounts) testing

Upl. v 0.0.39

connect/disconnect, (p)reload invoices

August 12th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • insert version nr in main screen title tooltip
  • check invoice klick; make invoice selection procedure
  • insert TRY IF ERROR in opening tables in modData
  • extended Connected option box with disconnect/check connection functionality, preloads all data.
  • added button to clear costplace list
  • ClsReadyBook: change bPlaceOk from public to private

Upl. v 0.0.38

decimal 10.4 instead of float 10.4

August 11th, 2008   Filed Under Problem-Probleem, Wrk  


  • could not select a record on the amount of this field, mysql doesn’t give the same value back as was input.
  • so changed field ixc_amount in ixc from float 10,4 to decimal 10,4: now selection works.
  • change from float 10,4 to double 10,4 should work as well … - which is better?

screen costs to object and save to db

August 11th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • class cost: saveToDB
  • FMain: cost screen to object
  • modData assignCost
  • save works, return value still to check.

Upl. v 0.0.37

inv edit, save changes

August 10th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • blog update
  • fixed temporary invoice id to inv edit
  • FEditInvoice: added inv id label+value, supplier label+value and set disabled (prev just values)
  • tab-sequence of screen objects on FEditInvoice
  • save invoice after edit works somehow; but problem with invoice list and selection in FMain!!
  • ixc table structure change int to float on test db

Upl. v 0.0.36

FEditInvoice work, inv id lost

August 8th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • try to find invoice id …
  • add bookamount to
  • work on edit invoice screen FEditInvoice
  • building up the mysql statement to save
  • filling up the invoice with the screen vars
  • filling the screen vars with the selected invoice values

Upl. v 0.0.35

Assign screen at startup, settings

August 6th, 2008   Filed Under Wrk  


  • removed checkbuttons from config screen (didn’t show)
  • added choice for Assign screen at startup (AssignInterface)
  • added button to start from selected inv SN + 1
  • cleaned up settings code (save, use)

Upl. v 0.0.34